Tomás Saraceno In Collaboration: Web(s) of Life at Serpentine Gallery

Exhibition Review • ArtNexus
Published in English and Spanish, print issue nº121

    Just as our climate emergency demands action, Tomas Saraceno’s exhibition at the Serpentine asks for commitment. By the entrance, a manifesto is available to those who commit to cycling through its entirety. Pedaling a stationed bike generates the energy that sends the recording into a headphone, in an immediate transaction. No compromises: any pause would interrupt the audio, requiring it to restart. Inside the gallery, everybody is encouraged to give up their phones during the visit. Far from mindfulness, the exercise is one of pronouncing awareness, drawing attention to our individual implication in the exploitation of lithium, which, turns out, most of us had in our pockets... read the entire article online at ArtNexus.

Tradução para o português disponível mediante solicitação.