Memory Georamas

Curated by Cecilia Vilela and Ana Roman

SP-Arte 2021 – Piscina Online Viewing Room

Memory Georamas was curated for SP-Arte 2021 Online Viewing Rooms. Commissioned by Piscina, a Brazilian platform for women artists.

Georama is a hollow globe, in which the Earth's surface is represented as a concave sphere. In the 19th century, georamas were an attraction for curious onlookers who were invited to perceive this surface from a different perspective. In this selection of works, we gather poetics from artists who construct and reveal their own instruments to alter the perception of the physical world and the landscape that surrounds us: in their majority, the works deal with displacement – physical or otherwise – which entails an understanding of a temporality that goes beyond the scale of human life on the planet.

Beyond people (and also with them), matter is in constant movement, overlapping, intersecting, and allowing the creation of new landscapes and identities.

In displacement, we must think of the place from which the movement departs (after all, when focused purely on the place of destination, the word would no longer be displace, but simply place). Reflecting on paths of displacement, we think of Maria Lugones, who points out that "sometimes it is not about how far one moves, but how one moves, within which complexities and against which simplifications of histories, geographies and meanings".

With this selection of works, we propose a perspective in which there is no foreign body and, instead, everything is landscape – what is extracted, what rises and what transits between different times and spaces.

Andrea Acosta

Romulo Barros

Ana Hupe

Paloma Mecozzi

Leka Mendes

Luana Vitra